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WPG Cool Gallery- For photos and videos (YouTube and Vimeo) management with attractive and responsive design.

WPG Cool Gallery runs images and videos (from YouTube and Vimeo) with responsive design. It’s very cool and lightweight plugin that loads more images on scrolling down using Ajax call.

Key Features:

  • Custom gallery for image and video
  • Cool popup in order to see image and videos
  • Custom post type enables the user to select category and all posts related to that category as a category comes as thumbnail on the front
  • Popup opens as user click on thumbnail and user can see an image and play the video from YouTube or Vimeo
  • User can view more dynamic and category-wise shortcodes to show image and videos
  • Auto loading via AJAX call on the basis of scrolling down mouse
  • We have tested it only with the latest version WP 3.5.1.


WordPress / Plugin

Live Demo

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