what is Beacon?

The beacon technology is introduced to revolutionize customers’ experience by bringing an all-new dimension of interaction and communication. Beacon, a low energy consuming device, contains a low-frequency chip that sends and receives the signals. It then acts accordingly and displays programmed content on the devices those are in the range of beacons.

It uses Bluetooth 4.0 BLE technology and has a searching range up to 50 m. Coin-sized Beacon can be easily placed indoors, and users can readily detect its UUID signal, RSSI signal, and battery life signal with smartphones. They can change paring code, transmitted power, and other customized functions of Beacon. It can quickly respond with less latency.

You can fix beacons as small wireless sensors to any location or place. Once fixed, they send lite radio signals with programmed data that smart devices within beacons’ range fetch and display on the screen. The technology of beacon works way faster than the satellites in the space because of the proximity and ranges of the devices that interact with each other.

We have made a special type of Beacon that follows Apple standards. We can provide test app for Android as well (For 4.3 and higher version).

How do beacons work?

Beacons simply detect the mobile devices that come in their range. After detecting, beacons can send a customized message to the smartphone or tablet in range. This way, a supermarket owner can send various discounts as a customer passes through a particular section.


A customer with a smartphone enters into a supermarket. On his smartphone is a special application of a supermarket that is beacon-based technology. Now when the customer passes through the section of stationery, the beacon placed near to the section detects the device and so the customer. It then immediately sends a customized message–say–“Welcome to the stationery section. Here we offer 15% discount”. The same customer when goes further to a footwear’s section receives a message from another beacon stating “Buy 1, Get 1 free.”

Unique Features

Built-in firmware compatible with iBeacon

Consumes less energy as it works through Bluetooth technology

Capable of long distance transmission

CE/FCC standard

High performance with low power consumption

It has AES Security

Very small size of 17.2 mm

Integration is useful for

Advertising and positioning

Users can modify Broadcast cycle

Get free Beacon firmware upgrade service

Users can amend UUID, Major and Minor values

Beacon firmware is compatible with jBeacon

Beacon is compatible with iBeacon while connected with iOS devices.

Built-in pairing password to prevent settings’ modification by others

Users can modify the names shown on the iOS device

Benefits of having beacons

The best use of beacons is seen in retail shops, stadiums and universities. However, they can be used anywhere. Here we list some of the most benefiting factors of installing beacons at your premises of retail stores.

Increases customer loyalty as it ensures incredible customer experience

Analyzes customer behavior that helps in solving many problems in sales, if any

Pitch the right thing at the right time to the right person

Customers get delighted with enticing messages and content (as it’s customized)

Boosts sales as it provides customers with timely, relevant and useful offers and instructions

Helps you render a unique, value-added experience to every customer entering the premises

Our services on beacons

Under the hood of beacons, we provide below mentioned services:

Customized applications for beacons

Bulk order of beacons and shipping across the world

Selling of standard beacon devices

Beacon-ready applications tailored to your business objectives

Beacon technology strategy and planning for your stores and business premises

Consultation on beacon technology

With iBeacon launching soon, the beacon technology is soon going to revolutionize the way businesses happen. In addition, beacons will play a crucial role in Internet Of Things (IoT), and its benefits can be leveraged to smoothen business operations and even to increase sales.

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