Google Cardboard

Augment Your Apps with Augmented Reality

An illusion can do wonders to your ocular senses if used as an augmented reality (AR). Ever since the announcement of Google Glass had happened, there has been great potential discovered in AR devices and applications for both Android and iOS. Google Cardboard is one such amazing way to enjoy virtual reality in a simple, fun and inexpensive way ?as they quote.

What is it and how does it function?

Google Cardboard (GC) is a folded cardboard appearing like simple binoculars. The Cardboard has uniqe lenses and a specially carved space to hold a smart device (-say smartphone). The smartphone would run a Google Cardboard compatible application, for instance, game, and the user would see this through the lenses on the other side.

Google Cardboard gives an unmatched virtual reality experience ranging from stunning 3D illusion to a 360-degree panoramic view of virtually anything. The lenses add realistic flair to the picture displayed on the device. The lenses are fixed at certain distance and angle of the device to augment its functionality. Special Google Cardboard compatible applications contain unique graphics that appear amazing when seen through the cardboard.

Google Cardboard compatible applications

Google has released Google Cardboard SDKs to build immersive experiences through various customized applications or games. You can hire Google Cardboard apps developers to build quality software tailored to your needs and objectives.

On the market are available a lot of apps for GC. They just put virtual reality to any smartphone running any OS -Android or iOS. However, we help you develop applications as per your requirements. Whether you want to build an app that lets the user take a snap and turn it into lifelike 3D adding depth and panoramic view to it, or you want to make a space game showing endless universe all around the gamer, we are all up for it.

What do we offer for Google Cardboard?

We provide you with an end-to-end solution. Not only do we sell Google Cardboard as a product, but we also make customized applications as you suggest us. We have an in-house pool of veteran experts mastering in customizing apps for GC.

    We Offer

  • Selling of Google-Cardboard Kits
  • 3D games of any genre like space, racing, etc.
  • Customized business & utility apps
  • Virtual reality applications

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