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Add a Testimonial to Blog Posts

It is the very first plug-in that is designed especially by keeping one thing in mind: every client is important. It is a crucial tool for supervising official website in accordance to your clients’ requirements.


  • Maintenance of reviews: Clients’ reviews can be altered and highlighted in terms of the order
  • Designs: Provides a facility of different layout designs
  • Categorization: Group-wise and tag-wise categorization are easy
  • Easy alteration: Addition, edition, and deletion are easy
  • Simple insertion: Insertion of image, video, and URL to your testimonials is simple
  • Number specification: You can opt for specifying the number of testimonials on a website
  • Filtration: You can filter testimonial by tags and countries
  • Multiple listing: Multiple listing templates of testimonial are available
  • Crafting with ease: You can craft multiple widget templates effortlessly
  • Addition of testimonial: It allows you to add as many testimonial and templates as you want


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