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This plugin is for advertisement marketing in which a registered user can add their items, and sponsor advertises their business/organization on them.

It helps the business to add their items for advertisements and provides some section on them for advertisement. It lists the business items on the front side, and user can reserve the item’s part for advertisement.

It is user-friendly, so user can easily manage it. Admin can do any updates as a main authority.

Notes about the sections:

  • “Iteam”: It is a section to add advertisement item. You can simply add item title description, upload its image and define the portion for adv
  • “Advertisement”: It is a section that the user can see. User can define both height and width of the item and the partition for advertisement as per requirement. It shows an image and partition on the front side, so users can readily know the available and reserve advertisement section
  • “Sponser”: It is a section that shows the sponsors who want to show their advertisement on item.
  • The plugin supports French language also.


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